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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good afternoon, everyone. president obama warned lawmakers that time is running out to make a deal on the debt. he says that failure to meet the august deadline could result in
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another recession. >> three weeks to go until the debt ceiling headline -- deadline. president obama demanded that lawmakers make a deal to cut our debts. >> now is the time to deal with these issues. if not now, when? >> pressure is being put on the speaker, john boehner, who is backing away from his 10 year deal. three weeks ago a top democrat bonded with a top republican over golf. boehner hinted that rules would change, but rates stayed the same. hinting that house republicans would not accept tax hikes. >> and now is not the time to panic and to do something else that will make the economy worse and cost more jobs. >> mr. obama agreed. >> no one is talking about increasing taxes now.
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no one is talking about increasing taxes next year. what we have talked about is that starting in 2013, we have gotten rid of some of these egregious the polls. >> the president said that he would take on liberal democrats to finalize a deal. >> take a look at the cities that are hit hardest by the recession, test your budget iq, learn where the stimulus money met -- went, all on our website, three people are dead and several others are injured after several incidents of violence over the weekend. the search continues for suspects. >> it was a busy morning for baltimore city police. a man was shot in the leg in
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brooklyn park and taken to hospital. police found richard mills sitting in a pickup truck in the 1700 block, stabbed in the stomach, dying later at the hospital. another homicide just minutes later. police say that a man was shot in the upper body in the 1500 block of lester morton court in east baltimore. a man walked into a hospital just 10 minutes later, shot on pascal avenue. around 11:00 a.m. the police found a woman dead, they have not said how the woman died or the circumstances around it. several hours later the police responded to gunfire in the 400 block of pitman place. a man was shot in the chest
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there. >> we are learning more about that woman found dead on del mar ave. the man accused of the deadly stabbing that marred the fourth of july festivities remains behind bars this afternoon. martin harris is expected to appear at a hearing later this week. he turned himself in for the murder of joseph callow outside of the mccormick restaurant shortly at side -- shortly after the july 4 fireworks show. his girlfriend says she is relieved. >> i am relieved that this will not happen to someone else and that they are going to bring this guy do justice. >> please credit the picture of the suspect that help to break the case. county police made an arrest in a street brawl in glen bernie.
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charged with murder in connection to the stabbing death of a man on saturday. fire detectives are trying to determine what sparked a for alarm fire on the seventh floor of the days inn on saturday night. firefighters evacuated 160 people from the hotel, including [unintelligible] and his family, who were celebrating his 50th birthday. >> the largest fires we have had in recent memory in terms of scope and the number of people affected by it. >> we love everything. that would not touch the food. >> damage estimates are at $3.5 million. baltimore county police are trying to figure out how the body of a woman ended up in the texaco river.
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-- tobacco river -- [unintelligible] river. a code red keep alert is in effect for today. two people recently died due to the. both were elderly and had underlying conditions. for a list of cooling places, go to our website, >> you definitely need to start to think about ways the chicken cool down over the next couple of days. high heat is being felt across the state. 93 degrees at the inner harbor. 88 degrees by the map, western maryland in the mountains. elsewhere it could get warmer than that, isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. more storm chances tomorrow. details in the fall forecast.
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>> annapolis' historic market house is at once again open for business. officials reopened the market this morning and introduce the new vendors. mostly vacant in recent years, we will take a look at the renovations tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. secondhand smoke may affect your child's behavior. gas prices rise for the first time in weeks. royal visit, how did the duke and duchess wrap up their trip to the u.s.? first, the nation's
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at >> hope is dwindling in russia to find any survivors from the boat sinking on the river over the weekend. nearly 100 people went overboard. officials believe that 190 people were on the boat. nine were confirmed dead. a wave washed over the deck as it may turn and sank within eight minutes. the ship sank two miles from shore in 65 feet of water. leon panetta arrives in iraq on his first trip there since
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taking office. the former cia director is going to meet with iraqi officials to discuss the president's drawdown in the country. he met with troops and thank them for a job well done. >> thank you for your service. thank you for your sacrifice while you are away from family and those that to love. -- those that you love. you are here fighting a war and doing a hell of a job. >> he told a small group of soldiers that he was concerned over iran of arming iraqi insurgents. the rangers fan died after trying to catch a baseball, falling. the firefighter lost his balance and fell headfirst onto the concrete 20 feet below his first -- his seat. his young son was with him at the time.
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very sad story. still ahead, free is the word of the day. how can you cash in? hundreds without jobs after a british tabloid admits that it packed cell phones. >> -- hacked cell phones. >> right now we are already feeling the heat. 86 at the airport. the harbor, even
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>> the fallout continues over the rupert murdoch hacking scandal. several top politicians are turning their eyes on his media empire. >> with the ink barely dry on the final edition of "use of the world," rupert murdoch -- news of the world," rupert murdoch
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flies to the u.k. to handle the problem personally. smiles for the cameras, calls for brooks to resign are increasing. one of the more damaging allegations is the acting of a phone of a 13-year-old murder victim. >> this puts the spotlight on his son. if he is vulnerable, rupert murdoch himself is a lightning rod. >> and rupert murdoch is currently the head of the international arm. >> and james murdoch cannot deny this knowledge or responsibility. >> hundreds of the employees at the magazine have lost their jobs. fired with only three months' pay, news corp. promised that they would try to find them
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more positions. there is evidence that business is being hurt already. a multibillion-dollar merger deal could be put on hold and there are fears that there could be more investigations into the holding of news corp.. >> this after it -- this afternoon's concern are -- consumer alert, there is still a lot of pain at the pump, but there is another way to save on gas the two may not have thought of. >> two out of three of us use gas to rigid plastic to pay at the pump. try using cash back or reward costs. with rebates ranging from 1% to 5%, savings add up. >> you can save a couple of hundred dollars in a year. >> has a stern
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warning about cards of all types. >> the interest rates on these carts tend to be higher than your average credit card. making them dangerous if you do not pay off your balance each month. >> the private label cards, the ones tied to a specific brand, are especially generous. >> they are using these as a way to keep their consumer base loyal, keep spending there. >> even if you are not a heavy gasoline user, reward cards can make the foul-up less frightful. >> -- fill up less frightful. >> in honor of today's date, july 11, all 7-11 stores are giving away free slurpees.
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the convenience store plans to hand out 5 million of the sample size frozen treats. sounds good. you can score free tickets to this year's virgin mobile free show that mary whether on september 10. tickets will be given away online. we have posted a link on our website,." -- on our website, >> i could not think of a better weather pattern for free slurpees. the wind is coming from the southwest, high pressure is still mainly in control, causing sunshine. clouds are beginning to advance across the ohio valley. they appeared to be pretty powerful as we have heavy thunderstorms pushing through detroit, michigan, cleveland, eventually able to make their
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way toward pittsburgh as well. likely to fizzle out as it heads toward the mountains. any scattered, isolated storms, tomorrow the storms increase a little bit because the front will approach the area and pushes on in, pushing its way through our region tomorrow and into tomorrow night. behind that, we will get the relief that we are much desperately needing. the highest temperatures are back toward the mississippi river valley, temperatures pushing into the upper 90's. 105, 110 degrees. unbearable heat. we will feel not quite that hot but getting close to it this afternoon. eventually a cold front will pass through the area and we will see relief. temperatures keep rising today. warmer than where we were yesterday. low 90's to midnight because.
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pushing toward the harbor, the water areas are expected to be even more in the afternoon. during the evening hours there may be a couple of isolated thunderstorms. any thunderstorm to bring a downpour. another thing to keep in mind. air quality, high pressure system, very stagnant over the past couple of days. code red across the area, the metro area, meaning that pollution levels are dangerous for all types, not just groups. the pollution, the heat, the humidity itself, we have a small craft advisory in effect this evening and into tomorrow morning. tonight things will stay warm. some areas may hardly get out of the mid-7 because. very isolated, as i mentioned. tamara the chances for a storm
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bump up a little bit by 30% into the afternoon. the records and stand at 97. pretty close to that in the afternoon, much more comfortable late in the week with sunshine and lower humidity. >> in today's medical alert, a quick test might be able to tell whether or not flu shots will work for you. researchers develop a test that can predict the immune response to flu vaccines. if certain genes are turned done, the chances of developing a small -- strong immune response is 90%. studies from people that got the flu shots in 2007 through 2009, experts say that more studies are needed. breathing in secondhand smoke may contribute to behavior problems in children. a new study suggests that
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children exposed to second-hand smoke are 50% more likely to develop a neurobehavioral disorder. researchers used a national survey data for the study and found 6% of children under age 12 were exposed to secondhand smoke. the study does not prove that smoking causes behavior problems, it simply shows association. the royal newlyweds are headed home this afternoon after a trip to north america. they were able to do some business, do some good, have some fun. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge began their final day in the united states by showing their creative and compassionate side. visiting the center for the arts in downtown los angeles, teaching art to children who live around skid row. >> it is my honor to introduce his royal highness, the duke of cambridge.
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>> their next and final stop, a job fair for veterans at sony pictures studios. >> they are the front line of a remarkable relationship. >> in all the royal newlyweds spent 78 hours in northern california. including a polo match and a red carpet event with hollywood superstars. >> coming up next, maryland lottery midday. we will get another check of the instant weather forecast. first, a look at wall street at this hour.
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>> tonight at 5:00, residents still living in a severely damaged apartment building. plus a historic market house is set to reopen in annapolis. those stories and more when you joined us tonight at 411 news at 5:00. now, your pick 3 and 4 numbers. >> here is your first number, straight up. it is four. your next number is -- is another four. and then your final number, everybody, is a five. 4, 4, 5, those are your pick 3
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numbers. bob is all set for pick four. first number is a one. moving right along to the next number, 5. then, what do we have here? it is a nine as printed on the ball. wrapping it up, zero. 1, 5, 9, 0. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> back and getting oppressive out there, the heat. >> hazy, hot, humid, especially tomorrow. chances for storms today and tomorrow. clearing up later in the week, we will get more comfortable. >> thank goodness. be sure to watch tonight at 5:00. have a great day.
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